GIS Analysis and Mapping

Computer-generated imagery and analysis has become a crucial part of identifying the source, extent, and location of many environmental impacts and can be an important tool in analyzing and displaying environmental outcomes. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an important part of SBI’s approach to managing environmental issues.

Our staff employs techniques of satellite imagery analysis, GIS and computer-based mapping to natural resource management. We use the latest technology to meet our clients’ needs with complex spatial analysis and figures of the highest professional standards. Data collected in the field using Geographic Positioning System (GPS) technology may be integrated with existing datasets and combined with high-resolution aerial photographs or remote-sensing satellite imagery to model impacts and analyze proposed actions.

Our GIS staff has experience with the ESRI suite of GIS products, ERDAS remote-sensing applications, and a variety of mapping software. From small scale renderings of localities that enhance and clarify report findings, to large-scale, complex regional analyses, our GIS-trained staff deliver products in a clear and easy-to-understand presentation.